EUGEN stands for “Educational Systems, Global Competencies and Education 4.0” and is funded by the BMBF and DAAD, which runs from 2021 to 2022. In the context of the IVAC Project, International Virtual Academic Collaboration, and led by the University of Education Ludwigsburg (Germany), the project aims at strengthening existing networks and building new ties between national and international partners in teacher education. The consortium consists of two project partners; the coordinator in Ludwigsburg and the Charles Darwin University in Australia. Together, the project partners intend to extend their already existing collaboration and develop new digital learning and teaching formats.

With the project EUGEN, virtual collaboration formats are to be integrated into the course offerings on the educational system and school and educational research. With the focal points (1) Research on Educational Systems and (2) Global Competencies and Education 4.0, the project partners continue the collaboration started with IVAC 2020 but set new focal points in content, form, and method. In this way, the collaboration formats already gained can be used, further developed, and secured in the longer term in the Community of Practice that has now begun. Thus, the added value for IVAC 2020 will be realized retroactively and for IVAC 2021 and the impact beyond.

    Our objectives are to…

    develop digital and intercultural competencies

    enable students and faculty to gain international experiences

    use new forms of teaching in Higher Education

    foster intercultural competences

      This project is funded by: